Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Benefits Of Green Roofs Systems

There have been a lot of people today who are looking into the vast benefits of green roofing systems, as they are an option that is not only good for your community, but also the environment as a whole.

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What Is A Green Roof?

Green roof systems are actually an extension of an existing roof that includes a top of the line water
proofing material as well as root repellent. There should also be a proper drainage system in place with a filter cloth and a type of light weight growing medium along with a variety of plants.

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A lot of the green roof systems that are used today will be modular in nature, complete with the drainage layers and other aspects already prepared in a selection of interlocking grids that are movable. There can also be loosely laid sections that can be set up and built up so that the system can be installed on a separate basis. This system brings out a green roof development that acts as a contained green space that is set up on top of a building or another human-made structure. Overall, regardless of whether or not the space is set up below or above grade, the plants are not planted in the ground, they are planted on top of the structure. 

Benefits Of Green Roof Systems For The Public

  • Waste Diversion - Green roofing has the ability to contribute to landfill diversion as it can prolong the life of waterproofing membranes that reduces waste. The growing medium also uses recycled materials and the systems can help to prolong the life of HVAC systems through decreased use.
  • Aesthetic Improvements - The movement of urban greening has been a wonderful strategy to help beautiful the environment while boosting the value of properties. In a lot of instances, green roofing has also become a wonderful investment opportunity.
  • Improved Air Quality - Plants that are used on green roofs are able to capture atmospheric deposition and airborne pollutants while filtering out noxious gases. There can also be moderating of temperature, to help cut back on the need for power plants and helping to reduce the amount of CO2 that is put out into the atmosphere. 

If you live in an urban area or you simply want to make more out of the space that you own, you can look to the installation of green roof systems to enjoy these and many other wonderful benefits.